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After normal wear and tear, some carpets begin to buckle and form a rippled effect in the rug. Most importantly this could be considered a tripping hazard but it also causes your carpet to look more dated. This simple and effective process eliminates the ripples and restores carpet back to its original state.


These can range from an iron burn to spilled wax to pulled tufts. Believe me, we've seen it all. Most small scale repairs can be fixed with a seamed invisible patch.  


This could be explained as material attached to the ends of a carpet to create an area rug. This gives the appearance of clean symmetrical lines and helps protect against fraying. Binding comes in an assortment of colors for you to choose from but is recommended to go with a shade that blends in with the rug. This service is completed in house, not shipped out to an outside company.

steam cleaning

No carpet is stain proof, stain resistant maybe but still requires proper removal. Depending on the substance of the stain, some may need extra attention while others can be permanent. Steam cleaning allows for a deeper penetration combined with professional level products that work to bring your carpet and upholstery back to life. Different circumstances call for different treatment. In the case of water damage, the carpet would have to be removed and then cleaned. Before that can take place the installers must remove and replace the padding and treat the affected area with an antimicrobial solution. Clearly, this differs from your run of the mill maintenance cleaning on your carpet and furniture.

County Carpets & Flooring, Inc.